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    STOP dreaming, nobody beats Meryl


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    Outfit Details

    Hat - Asos
    Earrings, Hair Cuffs - Ebay
    Top - Yours Clothing
    Army Jacket - Army Surplus
    Leggings - Gisela Ramirez
    Boots - Doc Marten
    Backpack - Vintage via Ebay


  5. pastpresentvintage:

    Today I was definitely repping some Amber from Clueless ’WHATEVERRR’ Realness.

    Featuring the ever-present winter staple: my fuzzy jacket from Ross.  Combined with a zebra print Goodwill find and a purple belt I got this Christmas I was feeling totally 90’s.

    I wish I could say I was wearing fluffy pink platform shoes but I went with my combat boots (Target) because this is a shorrttttttt dress and when I wear such tiny skirts I tend to wear shoes with more coverage.

    As far as accessories- I have on a my cherry headband and my clear heart necklace, both from Claire’s/Icing.

    Sorry for the shoddy webcam images, I snapped these really quick before I had to go to class, but I wanted to post something on this blog for all you guys that follow me!



  7. cartoonfatshion:

    Dress: eShakti - Top: August Silk - Tights: Catherine’s - Shoes: Kimchi Blue

    I didn’t realize this dress was so short before I put it on! Half my day was spent pulling it down

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    On The Horizon. †††


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    New fabric!!  Special for Valentine’s Day the Mesh Bodysuits are now available in Bubble Gum Pink and Cheery Red!  Only at www.chubbycartwheels.com

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    comme des garçons, spring/summer 2013

    holy shit


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  15. fatbabe:


    I feel like I haven’t really dressed up recently, which is very true, and my family is going out for dinner tonight AND I have the day off so I decided to pull out the red lipstick! Forever gonna love this skirt.

    Cutest fucking outfit

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